If you are scared to share your thoughts with the rest of the world, the iTunes store provides the perfect app called “Whisper.”

The app was released in April, allowing users to post anonymously in real time and receive comments from users.

With Whisper, users can meet new people, be themselves, share their thoughts and be creative.

What makes this social network different from Twitter, Facebook and Instragram is that you can post and replay anonymously to other users.

I never knew I had secrets that I didn’t want anyone to know until I started using the Whisper app

“The people can express their deepest secrets and opinions about any subject, because it is anonymous it won’t affect the people near to you,” Samuel Goncalve, sophomore, said.

The application creates a user for you. You will only have to create a pin to log in.

To get started, you search a picture of your interest that you think will match what you want to say. You can select different filters for the picture.

Once the picture is done users can choose the perfect font for the writing that will go along with the image.

“Seriously, I could waste so much time reading stuff on the whisper app,” Lauren Hall, Twitter user, said.

While some users are raving about the new app, others are not so keen on the idea of it.

“Actually, I think it’s a little ridiculous and dangerous because at the end, people can find out who you are,” Michelle Wagner, senior, said.

When your creation is done, simply click “post.” In “my activity” you can check everything you have shared with the world. In case you regret a post, you are able to delete it.

You may classify the pictures by most popular, latest and near by. This makes the search more organized.

On the home screen, you can check what the users are posting and if you find something that it is interesting to you, you can reply to the person with another picture and text, or you can just select it with a heart, which means that you like it.

You can add to your post the place in which you are creating it, so people in the social network can see how close you are to them.

Whisper seems to cater to college students allowing students to share and read “secrets.”

“I never knew I had secrets that I didn’t want anyone to know until I started using the Whisper app,” Freddy Bear, Twitter user, said.

This application is also linked to Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. Users have the ability to share your pictures with those social medias as well.

There are no limitations on posts. It is also offered in different languages such as Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Portuguese and English.

While the Whisper application is still fairly new, it is popular amongst social media users and college students alike for giving them the ability to share secrets they may not normally feel comfortable revealing.


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