Gabby Borowski: “I got emotional, it was super special having my family share that day with me.”
IMG_0516 Gabby Barowski: “Playing with my teammates has meant so much to me because they’re all such a special group of young ladies, and will be friends for life.”
Ashley Robertson: “Our teammates, coaches and families definitely made it a really special day, and we can’t thank them enough for that.”
Ashley Robertson: “I’m so blessed to have been able to play in college, but especially here at Florida Southern, it’s the best experience I could ask for.”
Grace Donovan: “Being a part of this lacrosse team has been a wonderful experience, and has truly impacted my character.”
Gabby Barowski: “It was fun because it was a game we knew we would play really well in, and sad because it was our last regular season home game.”
Grace Donovan: “It was incredible, there was so much support for us seniors.”
Gabby Barowski: “Having the chance to play at the college level. when I thought it would be impossible for me was so nice.”
Nicole Bellini: “I think we all just really gel together this year, and it’s a great team to be a part of.”
Nicole Bellini: Lacrosse at FSC has been great, and I wouldn’t ask for a better team to take the field with everyday.”
Nicole Bellini: “I think our team played awesome, and I had a blast playing last night.”
Rachael Griffith walks through the tunnel with her supporting family!
Allie Kryjak strolls through the tunnel of Lady Mocs for Senior Day!