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Kenzie Carlson

Florida Southern College is home to six dining options that students all love for different reasons. As an FSC student, here are what I believe to be the top 6 dining options, ranked from worst to best.

6. Tutu’s Cyber Cafe

Tutu’s Cyber Cafe is a common hangout spot for students, whether they are studying, using the computers or grabbing lunch or a coffee on their way to class. Let’s talk food for a minute. Tutu’s has an array of sandwiches, bagels, soups and salads to offer. 

Despite Tutu’s being at the bottom of my list, I do really enjoy their bagels. They also have many different drinks to choose from, such as iced coffee or hot chocolate, but compared to other dining locations on campus, they are very limited in what they offer. 

“It’s good for coffee and the speed is convienent, but the food options are minimal,” freshman Bella Lamb said.  Personally, Tutu’s is my least favorite dining option on campus because of this very reason.

5. Steak ‘n Shake

Steak ‘n Shake officially opened on Nov. 5, after a soft opening the week prior. The lines were extremely long when they first opened. 

I myself went twice in one day the day they opened, but I honestly wasn’t overly impressed. 

The original Steak ‘n Shake was brought to life in my hometown of Normal, Illinois, so I have plenty of experience with the Steak ‘n Shake chain. 

Our campus Steak ‘n Shake has a very limited menu with just two burgers, a hot dog, chicken tenders, chicken sandwiches, salads, along with the classic milkshakes. 

In comparison, a normal Steak n’ Shake has a much broader menu with more burgers and shakes to offer.  

Another reason why I personally don’t prefer the campus Steak ‘n Shake is because the quality of the food isn’t very high. There have been times when I get a burger and it is slapped together messily with the patty falling off the bun.

4. Grill Master

Grill Master serves all-things-grilled. My personal favorite things to get include: burgers, chicken sandwiches and mahi sandwiches. They are located right outside of Tutu’s Cyber Cafe, which makes it easy to grab a quick bite on your way to study or work on a group project. 

The downside to Grill Master is the lack fo variety they offer when it comes to meal options. I know for me personally, that’s a turn off since I am able to get the same food closer to where I live on campus.

3. Buckstop

Buckstop is one of the most popular dining locations on campus due to its location being in the very center of campus, and for me, it’s the closest to my dorm. 

Buckstop, similar to Grill Master, serves burgers, and chicken, with the addition of pizza and sides as well as canned sodas and lemonades. They also serve breakfast pizzas and sandwiches. 

Their turn around time also makes them a great place to stop for breakfast or lunch between classes. The longest I’ve waited for food is around 10 minutes.

2. Boar’s Head

The new Boar’s Head, also referred to as the undercaf, is one of the places I frequent the most for breakfast, lunch and ocassionally dinner. 

I enjoy the fact that they have so many customizable options such as build your own wrap, sandwich or salad. For breakfast, Undercaf has an array of options including breakfast sandwiches, wraps, muffins and pancakes.

“They have several options that are consistently good an they’re relatively quick,” Lamb said. Like Lamb, I enjoy the variety that the Undercaf has.

1. Wynee’s Bistro

Now we’ve reached the number one spot: Wynee’s Bistro, or the caf. I think the caf is the best dining option on campus because you get a lot of food for cheaper than other dining locations on campus. The new meal plan implemented by FSC dining services at the start of this school year allows students to purchase a “meal deal,” which includes one entree, four sides, and a drink. 

For me personally, that is more than enough food. I also love the variety the caf has, there’s something for everyone for every meal. 

That being said, I and many others, including junior, Alicia Tracey, miss the aspect of being able to go up and get food any time. 

“Now you have to pay per plate,” Tracey said. “I believe it should be a set amount of points per meal!” 

I agree with her that having a set price per plate would be easier, but I think the amount of food we’re given with the new meal plan is perfectly sufficient. The caf is definitely the best value out of all FSC’s dining options, thus making it the best campus dining option.


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