Sophia Gonzalez

Florida Southern’s Student Government Association concluded their 2021 senator elections, and newly elected senators prepare to go back to in-person activities.

Last year, SGA held senator elections and most events virtually. Re-elected candidates are ready to kick-start this year now that events are back in person and all students are back on campus. 

“I’m so excited for this year; last year being a senator was really fun, and that was when it was all virtual, so the fact that we’re going to be in person this year and can do even more is going to be really awesome,” Jessie Joyner, fourth-year greek-affiliated senator, said. 

This is Joyner’s second year as a greek-affiliated senator in a row. 

“My goals are to progress FSC forward along with my fellow senators, and to actually listen to students to address the change our school needs,” Dylan Olive, newly-elected first-year senator, said. “I expect this year to be great for SGA and FSC because we are all eager with excitement and new ideas, especially for finally being back on campus.” 

Although campaigning this year allowed for candidates to use chalk and posters, both candidates used their online platforms to drive their campaign forward. 

SGA senator elections closed on Sept. 23.

Election Results: 

First-Year Senators: Julianna Gentile, Eion J. Mitchell, Dylan Olive, Noelia Velasquez

Second-Year Senators: Tonia Alumba

Second-Year Greek-Affiliated Senators: Reagan Orr, Ruby Silver

Third-Year Senator: Zachary D’Onofrio

Third-Year Greek-Affiliated Senators: Kat Ableman, Blake Loughrey

Fourth-Year Senators: Hope Geraghty, Kevin I. Medina

Fourth-Year Greek-Affiliated Senators: Jessie Joyner, Jack Wilkens

Intercollegiate Athlete Senator: Emery Roth 

Computer Student Senator: Luke Garcia

Honors Program Senators: Abigail Ghaly, Macey Tipton

Barney Barnett School of Business and Free Enterprise Senators: Ben Greenman, Hannah Garcia, Connor McElroy

School of Education Senator: James Houle, Ryan Foley

School of Nursing and Health Sciences Senators: Kyle Herbers, Claire Winters

School of Arts and Sciences Senators: Emma Edgar, Kiersten Bowser, Rory Tracy, Justin Kelleher, Lexi Trevillian


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