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As an integral part of Florida Southern’s women’s basketball team, senior Mercedez Claybrone spends most of her time in the gym shooting hoops or working on her vertical. 

While she doesn’t start every game, Claybrone has racked up hundreds of minutes on the court helping carry the nationally ranked team to many victories. She averages 25.1 minutes per game. The 5’11 forward plays a mean defensive game. She often gets a rise out of her teammates and Moccasin crowd by laying out and taking the charge to draw offensive fouls for her team. 

Claybrone has loved the game for as long as she can remember, first stepping foot on the court at only seven years old. While basketball has allowed her to continue playing a sport that has shaped her into the woman she is today, there is so much more to her than sneakers and basketball shorts. 

When she isn’t in the gym, you can find Claybrone spending quality time with her friends and family. One of her favorite things to do is have miniature tea parties with her nieces.

Claybrone is currently a senior studying biology. Her favorite subject is math and her dream job is to one day become a dentist. 

Judging by the huge smile always on her face and her infectious laugh, it is no surprise that Claybrone’s teammates would describe her as the team clown. You can always find Claybrone messing around or cracking jokes on others. 

An all-American girl, Claybrone’s favorite past-time is bowling and she says she could eat spaghetti for every meal if she could. 

Claybrone is inspired by the quote “Don’t count the days, make the days count,” by the great Muhammad Ali. She models her life by this quote and tries to make an impact in everything that she does on and off the court. 

As one of the women’s basketball teams most impactful leaders, there is no doubt that Claybrone will go down as one of Florida Southern’s greats. 


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