Trees around campus have been toppled. (Salvatore Ambrosino / The Southern)

By Kat Hostetler, Salvatore Ambrosino | Sept. 30
Chief Photo Editor, Online Editor

At Florida Southern College, trees were uprooted—some blocked sidewalks. Branches fell from trees causing various damages to campus, and a glass door was shattered in Honeyman Pavilion. All were caused by the winds of Hurricane Ian that battered Southwest and Central Florida.

Lakeland city officials are assessing the damage as of Thursday morning. As reported by The Ledger, the city will keep a detailed inventory of debris to send to government officials to apply for assistance programs for businesses and residents who sustained losses. 

On the morning of Sept. 29, an estimated 63,000 in Lakeland were without power.

Hurricane Ian made landfall near Fort Myers as a category 4. The storm barreled across the Florida peninsula through the night, gradually losing power and never coming within 60 miles of Lakeland. Despite this, it maintained wind speeds in Lakeland of over-70 mph.

According to an email sent by the school, Florida Southern College sustained only “minor damages.”

On the morning of Sept. 29, the Meditation Garden is littered with debris and roof panelling torn from the campus greenhouse. (Salvatore Ambrosino / The Southern)
A fallen bough damages the fence of the intramural field (Kat Hostetler / The Southern)
Fallen trees in front of near Edge Hall bury the walkway. (Salvatore Ambrosino / The Southern)
Palm fronds and branches thrown into the yard of Branscomb Auditorium, where students were sheltering.
(Kat Hostetler / The Southern)
A fallen tree in the Jenkins parking lot. (Kat Hostetler / The Southern)
A fallen tree blocks the path to Nicholas and Wesley dormitories. (Salvatore Ambrosino / The Southern)
A a tree snapped in half in front of Allen Spivey dormitory (Kat Hostetler / The Southern)
Roofing on the ground near the athletics building. (Kat Hostetler / The Southern)
A tree cracked in half near Edge Hall (Salvatore Ambrosino / The Southern)
The fountain between Allen Spivey and Joseph Reynolds dormitories surrounded by blown foliage. (Salvatore Ambrosino / The Southern)
A branch has fallen on one of the sand volleyball courts, damaging the net. (Kat Hostetler / The Southern)
One of the glass doors at Honeyman Pavilion boarded up after shattering from the force of the wind. (Salvatore Ambrosino / The Southern)


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