"The lacrosse team gets a team building experience, and my seniors get a challenge of leading a group of individuals that don’t have similar background and training that they have,” Lt. Col. Scott LaRonde said.

Florida Southern College’s women’s lacrosse team and ROTC battalion teamed up for the second time for a team-building exercise. While the first exercise was an obstacle course, this time the women’s lacrosse team joined senior cadets for a night land navigation exercise.

“When Kara contacted me at the beginning of the semester and she said, what are you doing, so I just showed her our training schedule,” Lt. Col Scott LaRonde said. “And I made the assumption that she would want to do something similar, like the obstacle course or the repel tower, and she said ‘Can we do night land navigation?’”

Senior cadets led groups of lacrosse players into the Lakeland Highlands Scrub at 7:30 p.m. The cadets had been out there earlier in the day to do their own exercise.

“We were doing the same thing, only in the daytime,” Keith Sneed, senior cadet, said.

At night the lacrosse players joined them, using instructions from the cadets and other tools to plot their course.

“Honestly we’re being put in surroundings we’re not used to, so we’re trying to figure out things together because we don’t really know what we’re doing exactly,” Ashley Seborowski, a lacrosse player, said.