By Salvatore Ambrosino, Southern Editor

On April 13, after 3 days of voting closed 15 minutes before midnight, SGA announced that the presidency had been won by Carter Webb, current SGA Vice President of Finance, by only two votes.

“It was an emotional roller coaster until the last minute,” Webb said. “A close election shows how engaged our college has been the last few days, I am honored to have this opportunity.” 

His opponent, current Administrative Vice President Natalie McGinniss, fell short two votes of completing the first female sweep of the executive board in recent history. 

“I wish we could both serve on [executive board],” Webb said of McGinniss. “I look forward to collaborating with her to create ideas that best serve FSC.” 

Webb will be heading a newly-elected Vice Executive Board. 

Reelected to the executive board is Gretchen Faraci, who will now serve as the Administrative Vice President.

“I am beyond grateful right now, not only for the opportunity to serve on the SGA executive board again, but in a position that I have grown so passionate about,” said Faraci, who served on the executive board last year as the Vice President of Communication. “This is just the beginning of such a bright year for the FSC community and I’m honored to have a small part in helping my peers feel that their voices are truly being heard.” 

New to the SGA executive are Ruby Silver, who will as Executive Vice President, Hannah Garcia who will serve as Vice President of Communications and Kat Ableman who will serve as Vice President of Finance. 

“I’m truly honored by every single person who made this dream a reality,” Ableman said. “Whether they helped me compile my campaign materials or voted for me at 11:34 p.m. Wednesday night they made this possible.” 

Webb campaigned on the promise of restoring dorm furniture, as well as a parade throughout campus.  


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